I spend many hours studying college football prospects that may have success in the NFL. This time I'm looking at pass rushing defensive line prospects.

1st; Jonathan Allen, 6'3" 285 pounds

Allen is my number one prospect; while not elite as a pass rusher, he is the best all-round prospect. Allen rushes under control, maintaining his "gap" responsibility, while diagnosing the play. Diagnoses plays like a middle LB.  Mostly playing the 5 technique. Allen is scheme flexible to play the 3 technique. A strong tackler, who pressures the QB on every play. Senior experience.

2nd; Derek Barnett, 6'3" 260 pounds

The most elite pure pass rusher in the draft. Uses multiple pass rush moves while maintaining good "gap" control. Solid in the run game, difficult to move off the spot, pursues well, avoiding the "wash." Likely only a 5 technique prospect at the next level. A strong tackler. Junior experience. 

3rd; Myles Garrett, 6'5" 265 pounds 

An elite pass rusher, with good pass rushing moves. Average in "gap" control, and average in the run game. Pursues well, but can get stuck on blocks or caught in the "wash." Only a 5 technique prospect, good tackler. Junior experience.

4th; DeMarcus Walker, 6'2" 275 pounds

A strong pass rusher with a high motor. Scheme flexible at the 5 or 3 technique. Uses angles well to knife through blockers. Good "gap' responsibility, strong tackler, solid in the run game and diagnosing plays. Great hand use and leverage to get off blockers. Senior experience. 

5th; Solomon Thomas, 6'2' 280 pounds

Best quickness/first step, fast twitch muscle fiber, scheme flexible at the 5 or 3 technique. Good use of angle technique, and quickness. Good tackler, in the run game, average at "gap" responsibility. Disruptive prospect on every play. Only Sophomore experience.

6th; Taco Charlton, 6'4" 285 pounds

Good quickness, very long arms, good hand usage, 5 technique only. Average "gap" responsibility, can get stuck on blockers in the run game. Strong tackler, good vision, uses good angles, and has pass rushing moves. Limited Senior experience.

7th; Montravius Adams, 6'4" 300 pounds

Disruptive from the 3 technique, while maintaining "gap" responsibility. Pursues very well, seldom on the ground, stays clear of the "wash." Very strong in the run game while pressuring the QB. Diagnoses plays well, great vision. Senior experience.

8th; Davlin Tomlinson, 6'3" 310 pounds

Disruptive mostly from the 3 technique. Scheme flexible to play the 5 technique. Strong "gap" responsibility, while pressuring the QB. Strong tackler, gets his hands up in the passing lanes. Understands his scheme role in the defense. Moves well, seldom on the ground. Great vision, hand usage, and leverage. Senior experience.

9th; Charles Harris, 6'3" 260 pounds

Strong pass rusher from the 5 technique. Good quickness, hand usage, and vision. About average in "gap" responsibility, good tackler in the run game. Uses a number of pass rush moves, with good quickness. Junior experience.

10th; Carl Lawson, 6'2" 255 pounds

Disruptive mostly from the 5 technique. Good quickness, gets off blockers well, and a solid tackler. Good "gap" responsibility, vision, and good pass rusher. Junior experience.

The list goes on, but that's my top ten prospects. There are a large number of OLB's who are strong pass rushers, and I'll look at them next time.