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Fantasy Football Champs LIVE 4-6pm! Week 17 Championships and 2016 Recap!


FFChamps Members:

Championship Week (Part II)! THIS is it! This is why you planned your draft to perfection. THIS is why you worked the waiver wire eek after week. THIS is why you were relentless in your trades. TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!

The Fantasy Football Champs LIVE is back on the airwaves today talking Fantasy Football Championship Week (Part II)!!!

We start broadcasting at our REGULAR time 4:00 pm (est).

If you are going to listen to the show from 4:00-6:00 give us a call at 855-728-7500 and we'll help you work the waiver wire, replace injured players, and set the championship-winning line up!

Can't make it while we are on air? No worries, you can stream the show as a podcast or on-demand here.

                           What We're Talking About on Today's Championship Part II Edition:
- Updated Injury Report!
- Help you set your line ups!
- Plus we answer all your Phone Calls and Emails and begin our 2016 recap and awards!

Phone: 855-728-7500
Send us your tweets @FFChamps @BillEnright @ThePPRMonster

Join us for the best fantasy football information out there and if you haven't been winning championships with, then START TODAY and bring home that trophy and the glory this season! Extraordinary Results For Fantasy Football Dominance


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